Comprehensive experience and
modern technology

Comprehensive air conditioning services and modern installation and maintenance echnology according to the highest standards Since we started working in the western region in the city of Jeddah the air conditioning engineers and technicians in our company have undergone extensive and comprehensive training on various types of modern air conditioning and refrigeration systems at the local agents of the factories of international companies. This has enhanced their ability to fully understand the techniques and technology of these devices, which enabled them to fully invest their capabilities and improve the level of technical support in terms of quotations and executive drawings in line with the requirements of our customers in all the projects that we have implemented over the course of fourteen years.
The maintenance department was established to be an independent component and at the same time a complement to the installation services that we provide so that we put in the hands of our customers comprehensive solutions for all their requirements, this enables us to provide the most qualified and trained technicians for our customers to service and maintain all types of devices according to international standards, Whether for after sales or as a standalone service. The accumulation of small faults is bound to lead to bigger problems. Here, the importance of periodic maintenance emerges to extend the life of air conditioning systems and maintain their effectiveness, which reduces high costs by avoiding major breakdowns.

Air conditioning and refrigeration systems
maintenance service

Al-Imtiaz specialized company for air-conditioning systems

Original spare parts

Providing original spare parts, to ensure the quality of air-conditioning.

Reduce maintenance cost

The accumulation of small faults creates bigger problems. Therefore, our attention to periodic maintenance extends the life and effectiveness of air conditioning systems, which reduces the costs by avoiding major breakdowns.


The engineers and technicians of Al-Emtiaz Specialized Co. for Air-Conditioning have undergone extensive and comprehensive training in various modern air-conditioning systems at the branches of international companies’ agencies for factories to enable them to deal with renewable types of devices.

Social networks

We guarantee a priority access to the desired services with quick response through multiple social media channels.

Energy saving

Continuous maintenance of air conditioners, inside and out, reduces energy consumption.

Environment protection

Regular maintenance enables us to detect leaks from cooling systems, and detect oils that have harmful effects on the environment and global warming.

Periodic maintenance contracts

riodic maintenance contracts designed according to customer’s desires include a number of scheduled visits (monthly / quarterly), and guarantee a priority service.

Business guarantee

We guarantee the installation work for a one year period.

Procedures guide

The technical team follows clear mechanisms according to the procedures guide that conforms to international standards and specifications to ensure the quality of installation, maintenance, safety, and cleanliness.

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